Kitsune 2.0

Are you good at numbers?


  • A good training for your calculating skills
  • No installation required


  • Interface is confusing at the beginning


I'm not particularly very good at maths. I need a calculator for the simplest operation - not to mention mental calculations. This is why Kitsune may be a good program for me and all those of you who are also hopeless at numbers.

Kitsune is based on a popular TV show (Des Chiffres et des Lettres in France, Countdown in the UK, Cifras y Letras in Spain) where you have to build words with a bunch of selected letters and achieve a given number by performing the necessary calculations with some selected numbers.

This game picks up only the number part (why didn't they keep the letter bit? I'm much better at letters! ) and challenges you to obtain a certain result with the numbers you're provided with.

Though the aim is easy to understand, the interface is not. It took me a while to see that you can't actually write the numbers inside the fields, but rather you drag and drop numbers inside those fields.

If you want to undo any of your movements you have to click on the Eraser button, and if you want to start again from scratch then press the round arrow button.

Kitsune is a software aiming at solving digit problem of a famous television game show.

It enables you to solve a problem of your choice, or to train yourself with random problems. Facing a problem, Kitsune will find all the different solutions, attempting not to put up comparable results (those which seem identical for a human player) : if the problem is solvable, this software will put up all the ways to reach the target.



Kitsune 2.0

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